At Drapingworx, we offer a variety of corporate and event lighting to create the atmosphere that will suit any event.

With Drapingworx  we have wide range of decorative lighting, from lights for trees  to  night under the stars, we can create the atmosphere that you are looking for.


 Here with our  range of lighting options:

  • On walls, draping, pillars, pedestals, trees etc. (in cool white) – Indoors and outdoors
  • Fairy Lights (12 m) – Stringed on tables, roofs, in trees, in halls etc. (cool  and warm white)
  • Fairy Curtains (2 x 3 m) – Curtains on draping, in halls, in gardens etc.(cool white)
  •  Fairy Curtains (2x1.5m) – Curtains on draping an stair cases ect. (cool white)
  • Fairy Curtains (2x1m) – Curtains for walk ways , main tables ect. (cool white)
  • Mood lighting ( different colours)
  • Up Lights ( Lights shining into trees)